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Criciuma - SC

Despite not having great natural beauty, Criciúma has a collection of tourist attractions that explore the municipality's historical and cultural values. One example is the Augusto Casagrande Colonization Museum, opened ...

Canoes - RS

Canoas tourism is more about culture than nature. In the city there are countless monuments and squares in the municipality that, for the most part, were founded between 1890 to 1960. Culture, lately ...

Apucarana - PR

The beautiful city of Apucarana is composed of parks and thematic squares, with itineraries that aim to consolidate the tourist potential of the city, based on religious tourism, and its enormous potential of natural beauty, its ...
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Santos - SP

Among the main tourist attractions of Santos, besides its beaches, we can mention the Gardens on the Santos waterfront, which is the largest beach front garden in extension in the world. The Santos Aquarium (former Municipal Aquarium of ...

Black Gold - MG

The title of World Heritage Site was not accidentally awarded to Ouro Preto. The city is home to the largest architectural ensemble of the Brazilian Baroque, preserving jewels such as the churches of São Francisco de Assis, ...

river of flowers - RJ

The small town of Vale do Paraíba reserves in the Center as well as, in the surroundings, an infinity of cultural and natural attractions respectively. The postcards are on account of the old ...
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Tangara da Serra - MT

As for tourist attractions, the municipality is privileged with surprising natural beauty. The main urban park in the city is the Ilto Ferreira Coutinho Natural Park, better known as Municipal Forest, located ...

Goiania - GO

In culture, some of the best national music festivals take place in Goiânia, such as the 'Goiânia Noise Festival', 'Micarê Goiânia' and the 'Goiânia Rodeo Festival', the biggest rodeo in the Midwest, the latter, the most .. .

Brasilia - DF

A stroll through the wide avenues of the capital allows you to contemplate gems with the landscaping of Burle Marx, the architecture of Athos Bulcão, the stained glass windows of ......
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DESTINATIONS IN Northeast Brazil

Tutóia - MA

Although some claim that its true meaning is 'good water', in the language of the Tupi Indians, who also lived there. Tutóia is geographically privileged because it is located in front of the Parnaíba River Delta and next to ...

Recife - PE

Characterized by a strong and fast rhythm, in addition to its steps reminiscent of capoeira, O Frevo, is one of the main musical genres and dances of Recife, as well as being the greatest symbol of Pernambuco carnival. Manguebeat ...

Natal - RN

The beaches of Ponta Negra, dos Artistas, and Ribeira, are where the best nightlife of the city is concentrated, which, in high season, take place in various musical events, such as the already traditional 'Festival Do Sol' ...

Stay - SE

One of the most sought after places on the south coast of Sergipe, the municipality of Estancia brings together three paradisiacal scenarios. In the city, the tourist finds the beautiful Praia do Saco, a lagoon with fresh water and dunes, besides being able to observe ...

Sao Raimundo Nonato - PI

The Serra da Capivara National Park is an archaeological conservation unit with a wealth of remains that have been preserved for millennia. Cultural heritage and local ecosystems are closely linked ...

Juazeiro do Norte - CE

Juazeiro do Norte is still a major cultural pole in Brazil, being one of the largest centers of handicrafts and cordel in the northeast of the country. The city also has one of the largest ...
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Salinopolis - PA

The high season in Salinópolis, affectionately nicknamed Salinas, occurs in the summer. But the summer in Pará happens between the months of June and October, when the rains become less. The sun king practically appears ...

Tarauacá - AC

The municipality of Tarauacá became famous in Brazil and in the world after the Globo Repórter program aired an article on 'Amazonian Wealth' that aired on December 08, 2006. The report presents ...

Barcelos - AM

Barcelos was the former capital of Amazonas, before that title was transferred to Manaus. Nowadays, the city becomes capital again, however, as the capital of sport fishing. During the months of ...
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