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Natural Beauties in Brazil
Ilha Do Frade - Photo: JungleKey-en Wiki -
Ilha Do Frade - Photo: JungleKey-en Wiki -
Main Islands of Espírito Santo: A French Island it is located four kilometers from Itaipava Beach, in the municipality of Itapemirim, in the state of Espírito Santo, in Brazil. It has an area of ​​approximately 2 square meters. At its highest point, a large lighthouse was erected. It only has a small beach; the other points on the island are cliffs that measure up to eight meters high. It was a hideout for the French during the invasion of the current state of Espírito Santo. Cannonball marks and broken porcelain objects prove the fact. The French built a well, from which they drew drinking water in the middle of the forest ....FIND OUT MORE
More Natural Beauties in Brazil
The State, even presenting a cultural development with the creation of museums, structural preserving old buildings, and presenting an architectural modernization creating new landmarks ...FIND OUT MORE
Serra do Divisor National Park was created in 1989, during the Sarney government, in a context of international pressure from environmentalists and defenders of the forest peoples. Its 843.000 hectares ...FIND OUT MORE
The Jequiá River is the main river in the municipality of Jequiá da Praia and forms in its encounter with the Atlantic Ocean a beautiful lagoon known as Lagoa do Jequiá. The entire area between ...FIND OUT MORE
Maragogi, the second tourist center in the state of Alagoas, which lies halfway between Maceió and Recife, on the north coast. Known as the Brazilian Caribbean, the village stands out for its crystal clear sea ...FIND OUT MORE

Alagoas is famous for its beaches, which in a way diverts the attention of potential touristic tourists in the interior of the state. The Cachoeira do Anel in the municipality of Viçosa is a good example of this ...FIND OUT MORE
Amapá is the Amazonian state with the best preserved forest cover in the country. With a great biodiversity, the northernmost state of the country has unparalleled beauty and great potential ...FIND OUT MORE
The natural aspects of Amapá, are all elements of nature formed millions of years ago, which, to reach the current configuration, has undergone a series of evolutions in all components, these ...FIND OUT MORE

The main
The Amazon Forest is particularly privileged with regard to nature and the beauty it contains. An important point of attraction for tourism in the country is where the greatest biodiversity is found ...FIND OUT MORE

Considered one of the biggest environmental disasters in the Amazon, Lake Balbina is the result of the flooding of more than 2.500 square kilometers of forest for the construction of the hydroelectric plant of the same name, during ...FIND OUT MORE
Located in the Serra da Ibiapaba, in the state of Ceará, it has an area of ​​6 ha. and is managed by the Chico Mendes Institute for Biodiversity Conservation (ICMBio). Of an exuberant beauty of ...FIND OUT MORE

Sarah Kubitschek Park
With 420 hectares, the Parque da Cidade - Sarah Kubitschek is signed by three big names from Brasília. The architectural project is by Oscar Niemeyer, the landscape work was in charge of Burle Marx and the urban area ...FIND OUT MORE

Brasilia National Park
Considered an excellent leisure option, the park offers two pools of mineral and running water, a picnic area in the shade of trees, as well as walks and trails in the woods. The local flora, varied ...FIND OUT MORE

Imperial Plate
Preserved since 1985, the Chapada Imperial is an ecological sanctuary, located 50 km from the Plano Piloto do Distrito Federal. It is part of Cafuringa's Environmental Protection Area (APA). It is one of the great reserves ...FIND OUT MORE

Saia Velha Waterfall
The Saia Velha Waterfall has the natural landscape of a traditional waterfall, but with the infrastructure of a club. It is a calm program recommended for children and the elderly. Located in the old town of Saia Velha, the ...FIND OUT MORE

Botanical Garden
This is the only cerrado botanical garden in the country and consists of trails, a laboratory, a herbarium, a scent garden and a viewpoint. On site, the visitor also finds an environmental education school and nurseries ...FIND OUT MORE