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Cooking in Brazil
Fried fish with açaí - Photo: Oswaldo Forte-Divulgation
Fried fish with açaí - Photo: Oswaldo Forte-Divulgation
Acai with fried fish
Açaí can be consumed without sugar or with sugar and accompanied by fried fish, shrimp, salted and fried pirarucu or some ...FIND OUT MORE
More Cooking in Brazil

Main Dishes
The state of Alagoas has a gastronomy very similar to northeastern cuisine in general, but there are some dishes and types of recipes that are the flagship of local cuisine.FIND OUT MORE
In this recipe, sururu is still served in the shell, but there are other dishes with this mollusk, such as stewed sururu and sururu frittata.FIND OUT MORE
The recipe takes many vegetables and is usually accompanied by a flourFIND OUT MORE

In this recipe, in addition to pitu, coconut milk is also used, which reinforces the importance of this ingredient for Alagoas cuisineFIND OUT MORE
It's a typical breakfast dish, which gives you enough strength to endure the dayFIND OUT MORE
Many of its dishes are common in other northeastern states, but the state has some very unique flavorsFIND OUT MORE
The fish stew from Ceará, symbol of the cuisine of this region, is a fish stew served with flour mushFIND OUT MORE

It is a dish that has its origin in Portugal. It's made with pig kids and their blood curdledFIND OUT MORE

This stew has a strong seasoning, with peppers, a green smell, salt and garlic, in addition to taking peppers and tomatoes.FIND OUT MORE
Paçoca from Ceará is just one of the recipes that uses this famous ingredient. The carne-de-sol is fried and mixed with manioc flour.FIND OUT MORE
Cashew candy is the most common and has a long preparation time, despite being very homemade.FIND OUT MORE
In addition to the French influence, gastronomy has Dutch aspects and, as in the entire Northeast Region, African and Portuguese influencesFIND OUT MORE

Cuxá rice
Usually cuxá rice is served as an accompaniment to seafood dishes, such as crab cakes or shrimp.FIND OUT MORE
One of the dishes that marks the preparation of seafood in the state is sururu with coconut milkFIND OUT MORE

It was impossible not to be among the typical dishes of the state, as the production of cassava in Maranhão is expressiveFIND OUT MORE