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Ecotourism in Brazil
Bicho Preguiça Recovery Center (Ilhéus-Ba) Photo: Ceplac - Disclosure
Bicho Preguiça Recovery Center (Ilhéus-Ba) Photo: Ceplac - Disclosure
Ecotourism in Ilheus
Santana's Ingenuity
When navigating the Engenho River, in a typical chalet (flat-bottomed vessel), you can see Av. Dois de Julho, an old port and commercial area, which now houses bars, restaurants, the old port and the hydroport, besides to pass over the Lomanto Júnior bridge - which connects Ilhéus to the Pontal neighborhood. This path shows the historical beauty of the region up close, such as the Sapetinga cove and the Fundão channel - built by the Jesuits to facilitate access by the canoes that brought the cocoa from the Almada River Basin (former Taipe River) to the port. Mangroves are part of the route to the village of Engenho de Santana, which belonged to the Countess of Linhares, daughter of Mem de Sá. The tourist, there, knows the Chapel of Santana, in the village of the river of Engenho, probably built in 1548, by the Jesuits, in neoclassical style - considered one of the oldest rural chapels in Brazil. The village is a great place to relive the past and be in contact with the region's exuberant nature ....FIND OUT MORE
More Ecotourism in Brazil
Acre is the land of Chico Mendes and the peoples of the forest, rich in biodiversity, the main attraction for ecotourism is in the dense tropical forest that covers most of its territory. Rich in ...FIND OUT MORE
The Abril Indígena project gains strong support. Coordinated by the Federal University of Acre (Ufac), the dissemination of indigenous culture now has the partnership of the Education Coordination for ...FIND OUT MORE
Exuberant fauna and flora make the Tumucumaque Mountains National Park, in Amapá, an ecological paradise. The natural wealth of the area has great potential for research and tourism amidst ...FIND OUT MORE
In the voluntary animal care program, 360 creatures of different species from the Amazon rainforest live there to receive rehabilitation and food, as they are unable to return to ...FIND OUT MORE

Main Trails
If adventure is what you are looking for, Alagoas is the place. The beaches, always inviting, provide the practice of various sports, whether in the sand or in the sea. The mountains allow, in their forests, pleasant ...FIND OUT MORE
The right destination for those who want to see up close some of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil, the State of Alagoas has 230 km of coastline. The beauties spread from north to south: beaches with blue-green sea with ...FIND OUT MORE
A radical walk through the treetops, in the middle of the Amazon forest, with a lot of adrenaline and fun. This is the feeling of those who participate in the Adventure Circuit Chico Mendes, located in the pousada ...FIND OUT MORE
It is one of the most frequent and well-known trails in the municipality of Manaus. It has this name because it is close to the waterfall of Tarumã alto, being constituted by stretches with stones, sand, clay and water ...FIND OUT MORE
There are green areas, forests, sports fields, amphitheater, snack bars, including an immense mangrove, with its characteristic flora and fauna. There are always great events and outdoor concerts. Trail...FIND OUT MORE
Canal das Arabaianas One of the most beautiful dives in Ceará, leaving Fortaleza, takes an average of 2: 30h to the place. With an average depth of 33 to 36m and excellent visibility of more than 20 meters ...FIND OUT MORE
In Itaúnas, 30km north of the headquarters of Conceição da Barra: Listed by UNESCO as a Natural Heritage of Humanity, it has 3500ha and 25km of beach, encompassing diverse ecosystems, such as ...FIND OUT MORE
Located in Domingos Martins, it was created to protect the natural heritage of the region, has diverse fauna and flora, including some animals threatened with extinction such as the marmoset, the jaguar ...FIND OUT MORE
Located on Rodovia do Sol, km 37, north of Guarapari, it was created to protect species threatened by deforestation, covering forests, dunes, beaches and saltwater and freshwater lagoons. THE...FIND OUT MORE
Located in Linhares, 7km from Regência, it was created in 1984 to protect fauna and flora, especially the spawning of Giant or Leatherback Turtles (Dermochelys coriacea) and Cabeçuda (Caretta ...FIND OUT MORE
The Reserve also preserves traces of vegetation called Mata dos Tabuleiros, characterized by evergreen forests and trees over 30 meters high. Among the animals of your fauna ...FIND OUT MORE