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Sport and Adventure in Brazil
Surf in Itacimirin (Costa dos Coueiros - Camaçari-Ba) Photo: Fabriciano Jr.
Surf in Itacimirin (Costa dos Coueiros - Camaçari-Ba) Photo: Fabriciano Jr.
Surf in Costa dos Coqueiros
More Sports and Adventure in Brazil

As a city-park surrounded by greenery, Brasília is one of the ideal places to practice the sport. The mountain bike tribe finds its refuge on the outskirts of the city. The Rebas do Cerrado group ...FIND OUT MORE

The Paranoá Dam is not the only option for those who want to venture under the water. Lago Azul, located in the municipality of Mara Rosa, Goiás, 480 km from Brasília, is also a popular option ...FIND OUT MORE

In Brasilia, more and more places are used by skaters. In addition to Eixão, at block 215, the Southern Banking Sector, Parque da Cidade and the Ermida Dom Bosco are some of the most frequented spots ...FIND OUT MORE

Practiced since the 60s, motocross is one of the oldest forms of motorcycling. The races are played on 1.500 m circuits, with natural and artificial obstacles. Sport is made of emotion ...FIND OUT MORE
Walking through the fields and savannahs of the Pirenópolis mountains is a passion of the Pyrenopolians. We have trails of all levels, from 1 to 5 days, with wild overnight or overnight stays in rural inns and hotel ...FIND OUT MORE
It is an activity made with bicycles suitable for riding on dirt roads and trails. In Pirenópolis the practice is widespread because the region is full of mountains, fields and savannahs. Our trails ...FIND OUT MORE

Descent by ropes practiced in waterfalls, walls and large trees. In Pirenópolis, the activity is practiced by qualified people and appropriate equipment. It is an activity of Adventure Tourism ...FIND OUT MORE

Adventure Tourism activity where the practitioner crosses a distance suspended on a steel cable. The activity does not require much physical preparation, and can be practiced by children, youth and adults ...FIND OUT MORE

Swimming in the rivers of the region is like diving in an aquarium, with such visibility that it reaches dozens of meters. The sensation is guaranteed thanks to the purely calcareous composition of the rocks where they are born ...FIND OUT MORE

A hole in the ground is the gateway to the Anhumas chasm. There are 72 meters of descent in the middle of halls full of stalagmites of different sizes and shapes. Getting to the bottom, the tip is to do ...FIND OUT MORE

Are there places where the Aporé River (or Fish River) ?? that divides, for several kilometers, the territories of the states of Mato Grosso do Sul and Goiás, and is part of the La Plata Basin - runs light, nervous and conducive ...FIND OUT MORE

The hiking trails through the native forest lead to dozens of waterfalls in the region, such as Boca da Onça, with 156 meters of fall. Along the paths, nature exhibits all its beauty and diversity ...FIND OUT MORE
Mato Grosso is an odd state in terms of tourism, there are places to please all types of tourists, and it would be no different when it comes to adventure tourism, where rappelling and rafting ...FIND OUT MORE
To reach the starting point of the zip line, you have to walk along a 250-meter trail, 60 of them uphill. But it's worth it for the adventure and the beautiful view. After all ?? dressed up ?? with...FIND OUT MORE

Radical Mines
Minas Radical is an excellent place for lovers of adventure sports. There, the visitor can practice activities such as abseiling, climbing, tree climbing, canyonning, zip lining, ecological hikes ...FIND OUT MORE