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((01)) Your ad is targeted to the right audience.
((02)) No membership fee.
((03)) No need to pay commissions.
((04)) Area with login and password to manage your ad.
((05)) Unlimited Promotions area such as (Holiday packages, specials, etc.).
((06)) The advertiser can edit his ad (changes) at any time.
((07)) The advertiser has access to the statistics to see:

... (a) How many hits is your ad having.
... (b) How many clicks are giving on your phone.
... (c) How many clicks are giving in your email.
... (d) How many clicks are giving on your website

((08)) You can cancel your ad after 3 months paid, free of charge for cancellation.
((09)) Share Social Networks, including in our Facebook groups with 38+ members.
((10)) An excellent cost / benefit.
((11)) You will be helping to strengthen the promotion of tourism in Brazil.

  This advertisement is intended to publicize your tourism enterprise with possibilities for doing business within it. The advertisement is not aimed at marketing such as 'Booking', 'Take Off', 'Expedia' and others, however, it helps a lot when customers search on these sites, already having in mind which establishment they want. It must also be analyzed that, through the announcement on our portal, tourism professionals who set up groups and companies of executive and corporate events, now have access to all forms of contact with the advertiser, such as: e-mail, telephone, website , direct contact form and social networks. There is also the strengthening of your business brand, represented by your logo, your greatest commercial asset.

In your ad it is possible to advertise special packages and promotions when and when you want, just insert your banner without complications, in addition to being able to use the share buttons on social networks. There is also the institutional video, through which your company can be presented, a promotional video or publicize the destination or things related to your branch of tourism business!

Sponsored Ads Facebook:
The 'Visite o Brasil' portal makes constant investments in sponsored advertisements on Facebook, which include their advertisers with direct links to their advertising pages, while reinforcing their brand and names even more. Carousel format inserts are made weekly. Randomly, for the advertiser who is in days with his payments, other forms of campaigns are carried out, sometimes individual and sometimes in small groups. The same procedure is carried out in the portal's mailings (webmarketing), which are sent out every fortnight to a bank with more than 100 thousand e-mails.

Duration / cancellation:
At the end of the 30 (thirty) free days, a symbolic fee will be charged for the maintenance of the advertisement, in the amount of R $ 16,90, which must be paid monthly, for a period of 3 (three) months. After the payment of the 3 monthly payments (equivalent to 90 (ninety) days), thereafter, if you do not wish to continue with your advertisement on the portal, simply request the cancellation of the advertisement at any time by e-mail and, pay the next payment slip in the same amount as the monthly fee, to be issued 30 days later, which will also entitle the ad to remain for an equal period of time, without any additional cost for requesting this cancellation! 

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