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Esplanada dos Ministerios - Photo: Mario Roberto Duranorti (Public Domain License)

With urban design by Lúcio Costa and architectural by Oscar Niemeyer, a city was born in innovative ways, different in everything and with an impressive architectural and urban complex in the open. In 1987, it became a Historical and Cultural Heritage of Humanity and, in 2008, the American Capital of Culture 2008 was chosen, a title recognized by the Organization of American States (OAS). 
Brasília is a city ahead of its time. Its emergence changed the country's landscape, both political and economic. In 1883, a dream of Don Bosco predicted the emergence of a very prosperous civilization, with a large lake between the parallels 15º and 20º Sul, where Brasilia is today. Brasilia is a complete city. It has one of the best Quality of Life Indexes (HDI) in the country and a stroll along the wide avenues of the capital allows you to contemplate gems with the landscaping of Burle Marx, the architecture of Athos Bulcão, the stained glass windows of Marianne Peretti and the sculptures by Alfredo Ceschiatti and Bruno Giorgi.

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Catetinho was JK's first official residence in Brasilia, 1956. Today, it serves as a testament to the expansionist era, with JK objects and explanatory panels. The rooms have been maintained
Main Theaters of Brasília: Teatro Nacional Cláudio Santoro Setor Cultural Norte, via N2, CEP 70041-905, Brasília, DF, phones (61) 3325-6107 and (61) 3325-6240, it has three theaters and even theaters rehearsals for choirs, dance and
Main Catholic Churches of Brasilia: Metropolitan Cathedral of Nossa Senhora Aparecida The Metropolitan Cathedral of Nossa Senhora Aparecida, better known as Catedral de Brasília,
Praça dos Três Poderes is a mandatory destination for those who want to know the architecture and history of Brasilia. The Square is a large space (120 x 220 meters) that houses the headquarters of the three branches
Main Evangelical Churches of Brasilia: Evangelical Church Bola de Neve SIA Quadra 5C Lote 33 SIA, SIA, DF (61) 8146-0056 Evangelical Church Assembléia de Deus SGAN 910 Module D Asa Norte, Brasília, DF (61) 3347-9791
The Botanical Garden of Brasilia is one of the many cool parks to enjoy with the family. Fully wooded and clean, the park has a reserved picnic spot
Main Art Galleries in Brasilia: In addition to cultivating local contemporary art, the new galleries in Brasilia have become true meeting points and do not usually
Main Candomblé and Umbanda Centers in Brasília: Spiritist Association Pai Francisco - Faith, Love and Charity Responsible: Madrinha Address: Avenida Contorno Area Especial 13 LoteM1 Núcleo Bandeirante
Since 1997, Brasília Shopping stands out in the capital and, in addition to references in shopping, business and services, it is also known as Shopping Monumento de Brasília
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