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Photo: Luis Manoel Vasconcelos - Goias Turismo
Photo: Luis Manoel Vasconcelos - Goias Turismo
Caldas Novas
Be amazed by the paradise of hot waters in Goiás. Hot and relaxing water, which springs from the earth at a temperature of 37,5 ° C with therapeutic and medicinal properties. This is the big star of Caldas Novas and the neighboring city Rio Quente. Together, the two municipalities form the largest hydrothermal resort in the world, with more than six million liters per hour. The site brings together several hotels, water parks and the Serra de Caldas Novas State Park, created to protect the springs from hydrothermal waters. The Caldas Novas routine revolves around tourism and there is no shortage of hotels and water parks in the region. There are options for all tastes: families with children, those who are looking for adrenaline, nature lovers and for the elderly ...FIND OUT MORE
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City of important natural wealth, with a large number of waterfalls, among which the Itiquira Waterfall stands out, located 34 kilometers from the city center, it is one of the highest in Latin America with 168 meters ... FIND OUT MORE
The many rivers, take thousands of fishermen annually to the municipality in search of large fish. This drives the economy of the municipality. Tourists in search of leisure, always visit the beaches that form during the ... FIND OUT MORE
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