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Vista da Praia - Photo: Marcello Dantas - (Site O Popular)
Vista da Praia - Photo: Marcello Dantas - (Site O Popular)

The Araguaia River is one of the main attractions of the carnival in the city of Aruanã, 315 km from Goiânia, during the day. The natural beauty enchants not only tourists, but the residents of the municipality themselves, who are divided into different types of nautical tours to get to know the waters that bathe the city. There are from calmer walks to those full of adrenaline.

With the revelry until dawn, the excitement starts again around 12 noon, when tourists will replenish their energies spent during the shows in the river. For those who are not satisfied with just a dip on the banks, it is possible to take trips on boats, canoes, speedboats, and in buoys pulled by nautical bikes. With the rains of the last few weeks, the river rose two meters, according to the Fire Department, and covered the sandbanks that form the traditional beaches.

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