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Disco port of Barra do Garcas - Photo: Adelano Lazaro (Public domain license)
Disco port of Barra do Garcas - Photo: Adelano Lazaro (Public domain license)
Barra dos Garças
The city has the greatest tourist potential in the Araguaia Valley and the state of Mato Grosso. In addition to the Araguaia River, a popular tourist attraction in its beach season, it is in the city that, through the Serra Azul, the Serras do Roncador complex begins, a place involved in mysticism and which, according to some, has an interdimensional portal directly connected to Machu Picchu discovered by the famous Colonel Percy Fawcett, who disappeared on a mission to locate the 'lost city' in 1925. It was also the starting point of the famous Xingu expedition of the Irmãos Villas-Bôas [10] In addition to attracting mystical tourism to Serra do Roncador has excellent points of nature trails and beautiful waterfalls within the city, which provides easy displacement for tourists, offering an excellent option for ecological tourism. Meeting point of the rivers Araguaia and Garças, Barra do Garças has several river beaches that also attract tourists ....FIND OUT MORE
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Opening paths in the middle of the rainforest was an arduous mission, however, in a bold process and with the strength and determination of families coming mostly from the south of the country, on May 19, 1976 it was founded ... FIND OUT MORE
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São Félix, for being a region beautifully blessed by nature, has been the stop of many notable Brazilians, who arrived here with their caravans, to rest from the long trips on the Araguaia river, like Getúlio ... FIND OUT MORE
The city has the House of Arts of Várzea-grandense, Ateliê Vitória Basaia and the House of Memory of Sinharinha in the district of Passagem da Conceição.Várzea Grande as Cuiabá is located on the edges of the Pantanal ... FIND OUT MORE
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