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Pretoria Center-Photo Disclosure
Pretoria Center-Photo Disclosure

Pretoria is the capital of South Africa, its population is around 2 million. It is located in the province of Gauteng and is the administrative capital of the country. It is a very varied and cosmopolitan city that is located about 50 km north of Johannesburg. It is a city with a warm climate, where the maximum temperatures surpass with some normality the 32 or 33 degrees centigrade, being that in the winter the minimum temperatures are around 0 degrees. The coldest months are July and August.

In Pretoria the most widely spoken language is Afrikáans followed by others such as English or Setswana or Zulu. It is a city that in history was surrounded in the year 1855 by the leader of the Voortrekkers. Currently this city has the highest level of education and is where the main universities in the country reside. With regard to sports, rugby is the most practiced and important and its economy is closely linked to industries in the metropolitan area.

Pretoria is an interesting city, as it has numerous points of interest such as the Transvaal reserves, an ideal place to be visited between the month of October and November. Other places of interest are the city center with its religious temples and its shopping centers or monuments, the Pretoria zoo or the Cullinam mine which is located about 40 km from the city. In this mine in the year 1905 the largest diamond in the world was discovered

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