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Photo: Angola Oil
Photo: Angola Oil

Luanda is the capital and largest city of Angola, it is a city of 800 thousand inhabitants and has in its metropolitan area more than 5 million, almost half of the population in the whole country. Its port is the country's economic engine, basically, from here the main exports of the same take place, all about a city founded by the Portuguese at the end of the XNUMXth century for its natural port.

In Luanda, monuments such as the São Pedro da Barra Fortress and the São Miguel Fortress should be highlighted. Since its founding in Luanda, it has been the administrative center and capital of Angola, it was the city that has given energy to the rest with its industrial activity, not in vain, before the war that broke out in 1975, Luanda was a prosperous city and modern, a situation that changed with the outbreak of war and the exodus of all Europeans and the entrepreneurs who lived in the area. What was known as the Rome of Africa became a ghost town by a war.

Currently, the city has had an impressive population growth, something united with its union with the cities around it, but unfortunately this is not accompanied by the infrastructure, although it is a problem to be solved with the construction and adaptation of the facilities. water, electricity and transport, not in vain, Luanda has Quatro de Fevreiro Airport, the most important in the country.

Luanda has the largest and most interesting tourist spot in Angola, which is none other than Ilha do Mussulo, off the city from which it is only 2 miles apart. Here you will find a wide variety of houses, apartments, hotels and others to stay and enjoy your vacation in an authentic paradise.

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First Photo: Angola Oil
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