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Photo: Coban Underground
Photo: Coban Underground

Coban is one of the main cities in Guatemala. It is located in the province of Guatemala, about 1300 meters above sea level. The climate is temperate and sometimes more or less cold. Coban is a very interesting city to visit and stands out for the great number of activities that can be done outdoors. Despite being located at a high altitude, this city has a touch of class that distinguishes it from the rest, the climate here is much colder than on the coast and its current population is around 75.000 inhabitants.

The city of Coban is located in the Alta Verapaz region. It is a very rainy city with abundant green areas. Unfortunately, indiscriminate logging is ending this small oasis 200 km from Guatemala City.

Throughout its history, it is noteworthy that Coban was founded by the Dominicans in the XNUMXth century. Coban is one of the cleanest, interesting, attractive and quiet cities in Guatemala, it is an attractive city that has an environment where nature tourism or ecotourism is part of everyday life

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