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Visit Mexico City
Vulcao Popocatepetl - Photo: Jakub Hejtmanek
Vulcao Popocatepetl - Photo: Jakub Hejtmanek

Those looking for tickets to Mexico City, the country's capital, showcases all the Mexican diversity. The grand historic buildings, museums, quirky neighborhoods, churches and busy streets make the destination a great place to get to know all the country's cultural wealth up close. A must-see, it is worth dedicating at least a week to get in touch with all the gems found there.

Mexico City is a fascinating capital that seduces visitors with countless options. It is one of the largest urban areas in the world, divided into 16 delegations and 300 colonies - or neighborhoods -, whose contrasting characteristics could overwhelm everyone who visits it for the first time. Its immensity, however, is seductive, and this is noticed by visitors who arrive at night on the plane: at their feet, an endless and fascinating carpet of lights is waiting.

For those who want to visit Mexico City for the first time, you should know that most of the tourist attractions are concentrated in the Historic Center: the Plaza de la Constitution –popularly known under the name of Zócalo-, the imposing Metropolitan Cathedral, the National Palace and the archaeological area of ​​the Templo Mayor; in addition to a large number of museums housed in colonial mansions. A few blocks away we find Plaza Garibaldi, a setting we cannot miss to experience deep Mexico surrounded by the scents of tequila and mariachi music.

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