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Entrada principal da belíssima Patagônia argentina, a cidade de San Carlos de Bariloche, mais conhecida apenas como Bariloche, é o destino de neve mais conhecido da Argentina e amado por turistas brasileiros, que invadem ... FIND OUT MORE
For its stories of pirates, golden beaches, architecture, parties and food, Cartagena de Indias is a favorite destination for Colombians and foreigners visiting the country. Founded in 1533 on the north coast (Caribbean ... FIND OUT MORE
Santiago inspires panoramic views, its beautiful squares and wide avenues from the center to the horizon that reaches the neighboring and imposing Andes Mountains draw the attention of anyone. One of the greatest virtues ... FIND OUT MORE
Cuzco is a high altitude city with approximately 3.400 meters. It was the main administrative center of the Inca Empire. It is in this city where flights or buses arrive to visit the city of Machu Picchu. The city ... FIND OUT MORE
The city of Montevideo is relatively small ?? has about 1,3 million inhabitants ?? and does not offer as many entertainment options as the neighbor, but the youngest capital in Latin America, founded in the first ... FIND OUT MORE
La Paz is the legislative and executive capital of Bolivia. The biggest attractions of the city are: the Coca Museum, that's right, they have a museum that tells the story of the coca leaf, widely used in the country. The Valle de la Luna is ... FIND OUT MORE
Pleasing the most diverse audiences, from groups of young people, couples, families and even solo travelers, Buenos Aires is one of the cities most visited by Brazilians, not only because of its geographical proximity, but also ... FIND OUT MORE
It is the capital and largest city in Colombia, a starting point for anyone visiting the country. Starting with a landscape characterized by two elements ?? mountains of a vigorous dark green and reddish brick buildings ... FIND OUT MORE
Caracas is characterized by a large number of squares and parks, some of them with interesting museums. Parque del Leste is one of the most popular in the Venezuelan capital, offering a beautiful view of Ávila, as well as ... FIND OUT MORE
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