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Tokyo International Airport - Photo: Shibamine (License-cc-by-sa-3-0)
Tokyo International Airport - Photo: Shibamine (License-cc-by-sa-3-0)
Tokyo is a city full of contrasts. While it is modern and cosmopolitan, it is not uncommon to find centuries-old temples and shrines, as well as parks where nature flows with all its intensity. Perhaps this is a strong reason for the fascination that many tourists have for this beauty. The young and avant-garde city you will see in the always lively streets of Shibuya and in the clubs of Roppongi - teeming with foreign tourists. Haute cuisine and the consumption of famous brands are spread all over the city, but especially in places like the Ginza neighborhood and the bustling Omotesando mall you will face the most demanding audience. No matter if your destination includes multicolored neon or peaceful gardens, Tokyo remains one of the most avant-garde cities on the planet, targeting solutions for topics such as sustainability, mass public transport and pollution (noise, visual, air). ...FIND OUT MORE
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