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Baumonument Mausoleu - Photo: Berenika (License-cc-by-sa-3-0)
Baumonument Mausoleu - Photo: Berenika (License-cc-by-sa-3-0)

Designed by the British architect Edwin Lutyens, the city is known for its wide boulevards and surrounded by trees, and for being home to several national institutions and monuments. Since 1947 it has been the capital of the country, having been the capital of the British colony before independence (before that the colonial capital of India was Calcutta). This city grew with the purpose of being the capital of India, and being located in the interior of the country on the outskirts of the Himalayas, it is a city that is located at a very high height above sea level.

It has a monsoon climate, where the dry summer is rainy and the winter is drier, and temperatures are generally quite high throughout the year; One of the oldest cities in the world and the scene of cultural events throughout history, New Delhi preserves hundreds of monuments. The historic Old Delhi area has several mosques and forts, and is surrounded by an ancient wall. In addition to historic monuments, New Delhi is also the seat of Indian government buildings. 

Hindi is the main language (oral and written) in the city. Other commonly spoken languages ​​are English, Panjabi and Urdu. Language groups from all regions of the country are well represented in the city; among them the maithili, haryanvi, canarian, telugu, bengali, marathi and tamil.

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