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The city seen from the Siegessaule - Photo: A Savi (License-cc-by-sa-2.0)
The city seen from the Siegessaule - Photo: A Savi (License-cc-by-sa-2.0)
The city is characterized by a contrast between historic buildings and contemporary architecture, between tradition and modernity. Berlin's tourist attractions tell the story of an entire nation, from the Brandenburg Gate to the seat of the German government. In the German capital are all the large government buildings, including the historic Reichstag as the seat of the German parliament. Berlin is the city of the arts, artists and museums. More than 170 museums - including the world-famous Museum Island - showcase their treasures from around the world. Major orchestras - such as the world-acclaimed Berlin Philharmonic - and the three great opera houses with their sensational opera and ballet performances make Berlin the Eldorado for classical music lovers from all over the world. And the countless theaters, variety theaters, magazine theaters and countless cabarets guarantee fun for all tastes. ...FIND OUT MORE
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