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Aerial view of Heidelberg- Photo: Reinhard Wolf (License-cc-by-sa-3.0)
Aerial view of Heidelberg- Photo: Reinhard Wolf (License-cc-by-sa-3.0)
With about three million daily tourists a year, Heidelberg is among the statistical leaders of all visitors in Germany, Europe and probably the world. Which is still a shame, as the city deserves much more than just a day. Those who plan a little more time will discover the many beauties hidden away from the busiest tourist centers and will be infected by the special way of life that sets Heidelberg apart from so many other university cities. There is no doubt that anyone who goes to Heidelberg to see the castle, which reigns about 70 meters above the River Neckar on the mountainside of Königstuhl. In the center of the historic part of the city is the Marktplatz square, with one of Heidelberg's many beautiful fountains, elegant bourgeois mansions, many cafés and even more attractive shops. And, of course, with the famous Church of the Holy Spirit, the Heiliggeistkirche. Just a few steps from here is the Kornmarkt, the most beautiful square in Heidelberg, in the opinion of many ....FIND OUT MORE
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