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Auckland Cathedral - Photo: Chewypineapple (License-cc-by-sa-2.0)
Auckland Cathedral - Photo: Chewypineapple (License-cc-by-sa-2.0)
Because it is the gateway city for most tourists, there are a large number of immigrants, particularly Asians from China, Korea, Japan, Thailand and others. The city is also made up of Polynesians and Maoris - the first inhabitants of New Zealand. Auckland is an interesting option of exchange and study for those looking for a more trendy social life, but it does not leave anything to be desired in the area -Sports and Nature-. Here you will find parks for Mountain Biking, beautiful beaches, endless trails and waterfalls. It is the most populous city in New Zealand and the first you arrive and disembark. Auckland has a warmer temperature (about 3 degrees compared to cities on the South Island) and offers large city size. ...FIND OUT MORE
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