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Piranhas Historic Center - Photo: Setur
Piranhas Historic Center - Photo: Setur

The city of Piranhas, on the banks of the São Francisco River in the interior of Alagoas, was the scene of the initial scenes of “Bye Bye Brasil”. The colorful buildings on the main square, the narrow streets and the calm of the town of Entremontes can give the impression that nothing has changed since the late 1970s. But the film brought electricity to the locality, made the population participate in the production cinematographic and showed the first signs that the cultural isolation of the region had its days numbered.

The main tour is through a catamaran that sails for 12 km in one of the most beautiful stretches of Velho Chico, with rock formations on the bed and small beaches on the banks, to the village of Entremontes, where skilled lacemakers produce a type of embroidery known as redendê . The boat then returns until arriving at the Angicos restaurant (lunch not included), starting point of the 700 meter trail that leads to the Grota do Angico - place where the cangaceiro Lampião, his wife, Maria Bonita, and part of the band of Rei do Cangaço were executed

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