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Litoral Sul - Photo: André Palmeira
Litoral Sul - Photo: André Palmeira
Barra de São Miguel
There are many tourists who visit Barra de São Miguel only as a departure point for Gunga beach. What they don't know is that the tiny town is home to one of the favorite resorts of the Alagoas elite, with a beautiful beach of natural pools at low tide and strong waves at high. The good formations, in fact, make São Miguel a constant scenario for regional surfing championships.

One of the most popular tours is by boat, which takes you to Gunga beach and Lagoa do Roteiro, passing through islets, mangroves and reef barriers.

Gunga, one of the postcards of Alagoas dotted with coconut trees and fine sands, is in the area of ​​a coconut farm, at the meeting of the sea with the lagoon. Many bars spread out along the shore - in high season, they usually fill up with excursions from Maceió. ...FIND OUT MORE
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