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 Visit São Francisco do Conde
Beautiful sunset in San Francisco - Photo: Tatiana Azeviche - Setur-Ba (License CC-BY-SA-30)
Beautiful sunset in San Francisco - Photo: Tatiana Azeviche - Setur-Ba (License CC-BY-SA-30)

The boat trip is the best option to get to know the beauties of the municipality, with islands and coastal coast, mangroves and remnants of the Atlantic Forest, which are part of the natural heritage of São Francisco do Conde. Two points of embarkation: the pier, urban edge or in Santo Estevão, a fishing village very frequented by vacationers, 32 kilometers from the city center, serve as a starting point for any nautical route. The tours can include the islands of the municipality - Cajaíba, Fontes, Pati - until the mouth of the river Sergi or the river Subaé.

The history of Colonial Brazil is in the countless mills, townhouses and churches - or what remains of them - in the middle of the forest and cane fields, in the rural area of ​​the municipality, the third installed in the Recôncavo Baiano. Imperial palms, a symbol of identification with the Court, are everywhere. Today, the extraction, processing and refining of oil make up the main economic activity of the municipality, which has not lost its characteristics as a bucolic city by the sea, with its canoes port and its beautiful colonial houses contrasting with an urbanized sea-riverfront. and modern.

The canoe as a means of transport, the technique of the seafood women, the skill in fishing, in the preparation of the fish roasted on the banana leaf, in the cornmeal and tapioca porridges are part of the legacy left by the Tupinambás and the Caetés Negros, the first inhabitants.

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