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Carnival characters

Carnival Characters - Photo / Reproduction: Luci Cardinelli
Carnival Characters - Photo / Reproduction: Luci Cardinelli

The Momo:
Son of Sleep and Night, he was only concerned with examining the actions of gods and men, and even rebuked them. Considered as a god of graciousness, he had a very playful character. He was depicted with a mask in one hand and a ridiculous figure in the other to imply that he removes the mask from the vices of men and laughs at his madness.

He was elected judge of the works of Neptune, Vulcano and Minerva: none found it perfect. He reproached Neptune because, composing a bull, he did not put any bulls in it. He criticized the man forged by Vulcan, for not having made a window in his heart to see his secret thoughts. He censored the house that Minerva built, because he could not move it from one place to another. * According to Greco-Roman Mythology.

Actor who represented in the popular farces of the old theater. Originally from the fools in charge of entertaining the Portuguese masters and masters who inhabited the royal palaces and noble residences with mimes and popular farces. * According to Art History.

Character from the old Italian comedy (commedia dell'arte) in a multicolored costume, made in general of rhombuses, which had the function of entertaining the public, at intervals, with jokes and buffoons, was later incorporated as one of the characters in the adventures of comedies becoming one of his most important characters. Colombina lover. Fake, trick, boastful, tough, lover, cynical.

Main female character of commedia dell'arte, lover of Harlequin and companion of Pierrot. Flirt, cheerful, futile, beautiful, smart, seductive and fickle. She was dressed in silk or white satin, short skirt and wore a little bone.

Character also from the Comédia dell'arte, naive and sentimental. He wore very large trousers and a coat, decorated with pompoms and a large pleated collar.

Carnival Characters - Photo / Reproduction: Luci Cardinelli
Carnival Characters - Photo / Reproduction: Luci Cardinelli
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