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Casario Histórico - - Photo: Jota Freitas - Bahiatursa
Casario Histórico - - Photo: Jota Freitas - Bahiatursa

All roads lead to Porto Seguro, entrance gate and starting point for those who want to know the first pages of the history of Brazil, practice ecotourism and sports - radical or not - stroll, eat well, learn-lambaeróbica- or simply relax. It is an ecological paradise, offering a mix of history, culture, art and natural beauty. There are 90 km of beaches protected by coral reefs, in addition to coves, rivers and streams, coconut trees and the lush Atlantic Forest.

Inbound tourism agencies organize tours that can last from 3 hours to a day or more. The most frequent trips are to Recife de Fora, Coroa Alta, Trancoso and Caraíva. Air fans also find their home in the ultralight club. There the tourist can fly in ultralight or helicopters and see, from another angle, the scenery of the entire Discovery Coast.

The city doesn't sleep, it works almost 24 hours. During the day, there are beaches and walks in the sea or in the woods, and the nightlife is very lively. Inevitably, the night begins at Passarela do Álcool, where dozens of stalls are set up selling the most varied fruit cocktails and -capetas-, drinks made from fruit juice and vodka. The decoration of these tents stands out for the fruit arrangements that attract the attention of tourists and capture the parish.

Commerce in Porto Seguro has atypical opening hours, many malls and craft stores open until midnight. For those who like sophistication, there are restaurants specializing in French, Japanese, Italian, etc. For those who want to eat well and cheaply, the kilo restaurants offer the best options, in the city center or on the waterfront, with varieties of hot dishes and salads, as well as desserts. The night continues on the waterfront with lots of reggae, parties and live music in most restaurants and beach huts. Several large tents perform shows with national and even international attractions.

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Replica of the ship of Pedro Alvares Cabral - Photo: Tayse Argolo - Setur-BaReplica of the ship of Pedro Alvares Cabral - Photo: Tayse Argolo - Setur-Ba
Coroa Vermelha - Photo: Rita Barreto-BahiatursaCoroa Vermelha - Photo: Rita Barreto-Bahiatursa
Hollow guarding indigenous artifacts - Photo: Tayse Argolo - Setur-BaHollow guarding indigenous artifacts - Photo: Tayse Argolo - Setur-Ba
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