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Morro de São Paulo - Photo: Rita Barreto - Setur-Ba
Morro de São Paulo - Photo: Rita Barreto - Setur-Ba
Morro de São Paulo
One of the most famous landscapes in Bahia, Morro de São Paulo attracts people from all over the world, either for its enchanting beauty or for the cozy and complete infrastructure.
Located on the island of Tinharé, in the Bay of Camamu, archipelago of the river Tinharé, the Morro is one of the main references of Bahia.

Clear water beaches and natural pools make the region a real spectacle. For those who like diving, the place is excellent: the coral reefs in Garapuá are an option. Trekkers can explore the area, strolling through the ruins of a fortress, built in the middle of 1630, and climbing the lighthouse to have a panoramic view of all the beaches and corners of the island. ...FIND OUT MORE
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