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Lagoa do Paraiso - Photo: Idobi (License-cc-by-3.0)
Lagoa do Paraiso - Photo: Idobi (License-cc-by-3.0)
The small village of the municipality of Jijoca, 300 kilometers from Fortaleza, is the perfect place for the peaceful vacation you've always dreamed of. With incredible natural beauty and sun all year round, Jericoacoara - or simply Jeri - has a cozy atmosphere, with a rustic air, dunes, sea, lagoons and mangroves. The right destination for those who love sailing and kite and windsurfing, it has strong and constant winds. Bare feet, after all shoes do not match the streets without pavements and full of sand, meet delicious restaurants, participate in parties and shop in craft shops ....FIND OUT MORE
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The dunes and lagoons that frame Cumbuco make the fishing village a natural amusement park. The destination is full of activities in the sand and water, such as ... FIND OUT MORE
Camocim guards the last deserted beaches of the west of Ceará - with precarious accesses that require buggy or 4x4. The beautiful Barra dos Remédios beach is worth a visit. There you... FIND OUT MORE
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Considered in Brazil as the 'Capital of Humor' in the country, this cheerful art is a very strong tourist appeal, which helps to attract incalculable numbers of tourists interested in laughing a lot, taking advantage of the opportunity ... FIND OUT MORE
The colorful sand handicrafts and the cliffs of different shades that accompany a good part of the shore make Beberibe famous. The postcard is Morro Branco, the beach ... FIND OUT MORE
First capital of Ceará, Aquiraz is responsible for an important part of the flow of tourists that goes to Fortaleza. The reason is on Porto das Dunas beach: it's the Beach Park, the biggest ...... FIND OUT MORE
The great attraction is the natural pools formed by the reefs at low tide. The visitor enjoys good inns by the sea and can make a long and invigorating ... FIND OUT MORE
A city with the fewest beaches in Ceará, it is known for its tranquility and cosiness. It has beautiful landscapes, such as the beaches of Águas Belas and Caponga, cards ... FIND OUT MORE
Quixadá could be another city like many others in the interior of Brazil, were it not for the strange rock formations. They are called monoliths ?? what it means... FIND OUT MORE
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