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Metallic bull - Statue in front of the Exhibition Park - Photo: Fernando Santos Cunha Filho (License-cc-by-sa-4.0)
Metallic bull - Statue in front of the Exhibition Park - Photo: Fernando Santos Cunha Filho (License-cc-by-sa-4.0)
Empress is consolidated as a destination for business tourism, events, leisure and ecotourism. Imperatriz is the main gateway and the safest point of support for the state tourist region classified as 'Pólo das Águas, Cachoeiras e Chapadas'. It is an extensive and wide space already endorsed by the population as an area for leisure, culture, physical exercise (jogging, hiking) and, in the evening, bars and restaurants, with typical food Several inns on the banks of the Tocantins River, and several recreational clubs. During the summer, there are beaches on the Tocantins River, which have a great structure for cleaning, security (on land and water), lighting, stage and sand courts. There are also several nightclubs, nightclubs, concert halls, bars, typical food restaurants (Chinese, Japanese and Italian) in addition to contemporary cuisine and fine dishes ....FIND OUT MORE
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Cândido Mendes is a Brazilian municipality in the state of Maranhão. Its population is 18.505 inhabitants. It is also the name of a great Brazilian jurist, who in Rio de Janeiro originated the Cândido Mendes University ... FIND OUT MORE
Known as 'the city that stopped in time', Alcântara keeps a set of more than 300 colonial buildings - many in ruins, such as the São Matias Matriz, a postcard of the small town. Townhouses, churches and ... FIND OUT MORE
Cultural heritage of Humanity listed by the UN in 1997, the enchanted city of São Luis has a rich colonial architectural collection, which involves around 3.500 buildings, among more than 220 ... FIND OUT MORE
Alternative entrance to Lençóis Maranhenses, the village nestled in the dunes houses the Lagoa da Gaivota, one of the largest in the region, with turquoise water and surrounded by piles of fine sand. The depth arrives ... FIND OUT MORE
Residents prefer to call the city Rio Novo, but on the maps there is the name of Paulino Neves. The name Rio Novo is due to the fact that the river that bathes the city is really new, only 100 years old, ... FIND OUT MORE
Waterfalls, canyons, rock formations, savannah, dirt and sand roads make up the scenery. You can only explore the place by hiring agencies, which offer several itineraries lasting one day: Poço Azul. The park... FIND OUT MORE
The main attractions are the beaches and the lakes. For example Lago do Remanso: Lake of extreme natural beauty about 11 km long. Also in the months of February, June and December the city ant of ... FIND OUT MORE
The place, which has incredible natural and cultural attractions, stands out as an ecological sanctuary, formed by bays and estuaries where rivers flow through mangroves. Abundant fauna and flora, forests, ... FIND OUT MORE
Considered one of the most beautiful destinations in the country, Lençóis Maranhenses combine kilometers and kilometers of white dunes dotted by freshwater lagoons, sometimes blue, sometimes green. The gateway to paradise ... FIND OUT MORE
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