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Old weir and Museum of Popular Art of Paraiba - Photo: Ajunior (License-cc-by-sa-2.0)
Old weir and Museum of Popular Art of Paraiba - Photo: Ajunior (License-cc-by-sa-2.0)
Campina Grande
Heir to the northeastern culture, Campina Grande struggles to keep alive the rich heritage represented by the cultural and popular manifestations of this region. The quadrilha junina, the pastoral, the folk dances, the crafts, etc., are some examples of manifestations of popular culture that still find their place in the city. Historically, Campina Grande has had, and continues to have, a prominent role as a center for the dissemination of the art of the most outstanding artists rooted in Northeastern popular culture, such as the 'viola singers', 'coconut emboladores', popular poets in general. Especially in music, the importance of this city in the dissemination of artists of the carat of Luiz Gonzaga, Rosil Cavalcante, Jackson do Pandeiro is undeniable ...FIND OUT MORE
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