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In Olinda

Carnaval de Olinda - Photo: Prefeitura de Olinda (License: CC-BY-SA-2.0)
Carnaval de Olinda - Photo: Prefeitura de Olinda (License: CC-BY-SA-2.0)

The Olinda Carnival boasts dozens of giant dolls, the most well-known of which is O Homem da Meia-Noite (Midnight Man), which has been on the streets since 1932 and is responsible for officially starting Zé Pereira's zero hours on Saturday on Carnival in Olinda. In addition to the traditional blocks and streams that run along its slopes, packed by the rhythm of the frevo.

Examples of these are Pitombeira dos Quatro Cantos, founded in 1947, when a group of young men paraded through the streets of Cidade Alta singing and wielding branches of pitombeira; and the 'Elefante de Olinda', founded in 1952 by a group of boys from Cidade Alta, who during the Carnival took to the streets with a porcelain elephant singing an improvised song in honor of the animal. The great concentration of these blocks and mounts takes place in front of the City Hall, where you can find the largest number of revelers per square meter.

Initially the symbolic opening of the Olinda carnival was done by the Cariri Olindense, when the Velho do Cariri, symbol of the block, leaves at 4:20 am on a donkey and goes down the slopes. It was like that until 1931, when some of its members founded O Homem da Meia Noite (Midnight Man), which comes out at midnight on Zé Pereira's Saturday and King Momo's Sunday. Then, starting in 1932, O Homem da Meia-Noite opens Olinda's carnival. Years later the blocks were reconciled, and today the Man gives him the keys to the city after his parade.

Source: Wikipedia

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