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Conceição Beach - Photo: Antonio Melcop
Conceição Beach - Photo: Antonio Melcop
Fernando de Noronha
When landing in the Brazilian archipelago, in 1503, the Italian navigator Américo Vespúcio said the famous phrase: “Paradise is here”. And he was not wrong. Fernando de Noronha, formed by 21 islands and only 17 square kilometers, exudes natural beauty, with a sea of ​​clear waters, golden sand beaches and wide biodiversity. The district, which belongs to Pernambuco, is divided between APA (Environmental Preservation Area) and National Marine Park, and has been considered a World Natural Heritage Site since 2001 by Unesco. Between 1737 and 1942 a prison functioned on the island, aimed mainly at political prisoners. The idea was to keep the prisoners away from the continent. During World War II, the United States maintained an air tracking station there ....FIND OUT MORE
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