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Dusk at Pedra do Sal Beach - Photo: Roberto Araujo (License-cc-by-sa-4.0)
Dusk at Pedra do Sal Beach - Photo: Roberto Araujo (License-cc-by-sa-4.0)
Parnaiba is the second largest city in the state of Piauí, with developed trade. The city is wooded, with a warm climate, with the breeze that blows all year round, it has preserved colonial mansions, historic churches, monuments, and several tourist attractions, such as the Cashew tree planted in a poet's backyard, the sunset on the beach of Pedra do Sal, the Porto das Barcas Tourist Terminal, Lagoa do Portinho and the Parnaíba River Delta. It is the gateway to the Delta of the Parnaíba River, one of the most important ecotourism centers in the region. Much of the municipality is an alluvial plain formed by the Delta of the Parnaíba River, which houses exotic lagoons, dunes, many islands and islets, and an exuberant nature. The region has a tourist infrastructure to serve its visitors, with hotels, restaurants, agencies ...FIND OUT MORE
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Luzilândia keeps, although threatened, a historical patrimony of the most valuable, with its colonial houses, churches of peculiar architecture and residences of the XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries that date back to emancipation as a city ... FIND OUT MORE
The municipal public library has a collection of 8500 pieces, having an average monthly frequency of 164 users and has a built-up area of ​​400 square meters. The collection is cataloged according to the AACR2 and ... FIND OUT MORE
The Paraím and Corrente rivers, which for those who like to cool off on holidays and weekends is a great option. Despite the somewhat severe drought times, there are incredible places at certain times of the year ... FIND OUT MORE
It had its origin in the Vila de São Gonçalo, where today the city of Regeneration is located. In 1861, its Municipal and Parochial headquarters were transferred to the Port of São Gonçalo do Amarante located on the banks ... FIND OUT MORE
The Serra da Capivara National Park is an archaeological conservation unit with a wealth of remains that have been preserved for millennia. Cultural heritage and local ecosystems are closely linked ... FIND OUT MORE
With numerous sets of very colorful buildings, Teresina's architecture resembles that of other northeastern states, in addition to the beauty influences of modern architecture, such as the landscaping of the 'Karnak Palace' signed ... FIND OUT MORE
The Poti River Canyon is a phenomenon created by the passage of the Poti River through a geological crack located in the Serra da Ibiapaba between Piauí and Ceará. The Poti Canyon extends over four municipalities: Crateús, Ceará ... FIND OUT MORE
Majestic for being a gigantic sandstone block, located inside the city of Castelo do Piauí on the banks of the Poty River. The mysterious stone castle with a beautiful facade, several rooms and a square at the top ... FIND OUT MORE
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