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Mother Church of Luzilandia - Photo- Revista Az
Mother Church of Luzilandia - Photo- Revista Az

Tourism in Luzilândia is based on its rich hydrography and cultural and religious events. At certain times of the year thousands of people travel to the city in search of its natural beauty and leisure.

Luzilândia keeps, although threatened, a most valuable historical heritage, with its colonial houses, churches of peculiar architecture and residences from the XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries that date back to emancipation as a city. In addition to this heritage, the municipality, which was one of the most prosperous and wealthy in the state, is the birthplace of cultural expressions, such as good writers and musicians.

Even with so many attractions, Luzilândia has not yet been discovered as a historical itinerary, rural tourism and ecotourism by the great mass of tourists from Brazil. The Matriz Complex gathers the beauty of an environmentally friendly square, with a huge level with a privileged view of the entire complex, which contains leafy trees that further adorn this expressive tourist spot in the municipality.

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