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Igreja Matriz de Santo Antonio de Lisboa - Photo: Manoel188 (License-cc-by-sa-3.0)
Igreja Matriz de Santo Antonio de Lisboa - Photo: Manoel188 (License-cc-by-sa-3.0)
Tibau do Sul
The beach of Tibau do Sul - or Barra - is divided by the movement of the ferry, which sometimes brings buggies that come from Natal by the shore and wait in Malembá, sometimes they take tourists to visit those dunes, with the agitation of the tents that sell the best of regional cuisine and seafood. Tourists from various locations in the country and around the world, in addition to the families from Tibau, are frequenters of this nook. The gentle and shallow waters of Lagoa de Guaraíras, mixed with the warm water of the Atlantic Ocean, provide the perfect leisure for children, mainly due to the retaining wall that extends on this beach and makes the waves that break there softer, forming a huge natural swimming pool....FIND OUT MORE
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Tibau is one of the most visited locations in Rio Grande do Norte, with its thermal waters, cliffs, beaches and dunes, being one of the main tourist destinations in the state for the practice of ecological tourism. It is located in ... FIND OUT MORE
The beaches of Ponta Negra, dos Artistas, and Ribeira, are where the best nightlife of the city is concentrated, which, in high season, take place in various musical events, such as the already traditional 'Festival Do Sol' ... FIND OUT MORE
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With more than 30 thousand inhabitants, religious tourism is the highlight of the city. The ongoing construction of Alto de Santa Rita de Cássia at the top of Mount Carmel, a statue that will be the largest in Latin America, with 53 ... FIND OUT MORE
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