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Initially inhabited by the Cariris Indians, the current settlement began in the 1750th century, with the expansion of cattle farms along the rivers of the region, with the main highlight being Sergeant Major Mor Esteves de Andrade, coming from Serra do Saco and Tomás de Araújo Pereira, Portuguese native of Minho who settled on the Picos farm around XNUMX.

In 1737, the chapel of Nossa Senhora da Guia was founded on the request of the Bishop of Olinda made by Manuel Esteves de Andrade. This chapel became a matrix when the parish of Acari was created on March 13, 1835, and was later dedicated to Nossa Senhora do Rosário when the foundation of the new and sustained Mother on top of the hill in 1863.

The small town of Acari, located in the center of the Seridó region, has a particular charm and a very welcoming population. The city was born from the expansion in the XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries of livestock farms.

For several years, classified as the first or second cleanest city in Brazil, Acari has, in addition to its magnificent Gargalheiras reservoir, numerous attractions. We can admire the chapel of Nossa Senhora da Guia, built in 1737 and patron of the city and the sumptuous Matriz church, founded in 1863 at the top of the village.

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