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Castelo Di Bivar - Photo: Jaldesmar Costa
Castelo Di Bivar - Photo: Jaldesmar Costa

Hiperxerófila do Seridó Caatinga - vegetation of a drier character, with abundance of cacti and plants of smaller size and scattered. Among other species, black jurema, mufumbo, faveleira, quince, xique-xique and facheiro stand out. Carnaúba dos Dantas is inserted in an area susceptible to desertification in the category 'Very Severe', according to the National Plan to Combat Desertification.

Surrounded by legends and some religious controversies, the 115 meter high Monte do Galo, seen from various points in the city, is today a landmark of the religious culture of our hinterland. Little Carnaúba dos Dantas receives thousands of faithful from all over the world every year. In recent times with the growth in the number of evangelicals in the city, a great controversy has been established: evangelicals accuse the Catholic Church of being conniving with Idolatry - the Worship of the Rooster. However, regardless of the controversies, pilgrims and pilgrims continue to arrive in the city to profess their faith to Our Lady of Victories.

In the city of Carnaúba dos Dantas, municipality of Rio Grande do Norte, the former 'Serrote Grande' later known as 'Serrote do Galo' and today 'Monte do Galo', houses the Sanctuary of Nossa Senhora das Vitórias, considered as the largest Sanctuary Religious from all the serideja region of Seridó, which comprises several municipalities in Rio Grande do Norte and Paraíba.

It has a conservation area and there is the Private Reserve of Natural Heritage - RPRN Sernativo - created by Federal Ordinance No. 1922 of June 5, 1996, this reserve aims to order the use and protect the Caatinga ecosystem, with an area of 378,5 ha with a legal reserve of 75,7 ha.

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