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Canyon dos Apertados- Photo: Alcides Galina
Canyon dos Apertados- Photo: Alcides Galina

Tourism has become a new source of resources for Currais Novos, which has been massifying investments in this area, attracting tourists, not only from Rio Grande do Norte itself, but from other states of the federation and also from other parts of the world. The Brejuí mine itself, located seven kilometers from the city, has become a point of attraction, opening its facilities to visitors who can go through the mining company's inactive tunnels, walk the scheelite trails and learn about the history of mining in Minas Gerais, the family and of the pioneer in the exploration of scheelite at the Memorial Tomáz Salustino.

Other tourist attractions that are worth mentioning are: the town of Totoró, nine kilometers from the city, where the Archaeological Museum is located; Pedra do Navio, on the way out of the city towards Natal; the Canyon and the waterfall of the Apertados; the Sant´Anna Matrix; and the urban complex comprising the Cristo Rei and Judge Tomáz Salustino squares, where the replica of the image of the Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro is found, the landmark of the city, the Hotel Tungstênio and the bandstand. Also part of the municipal tourist itinerary are occasional parties such as the “Carnaxelita” (off-season carnival); the Festa de Sant´Ana (patron saint of the municipality); “Forronovos” (June festival); and the traditional vaquejada of Currais Novos.

The municipality of Currais Novos, due to its inherent characteristics and its own history, offers basic tourist attractions that deserve to be known, the Municipality has numerous attractions, placing it in a privileged position. These attractions are diverse in nature, such as: natural, historical, religious, social, ecological and others. The city offers leisure options through recreation clubs, vaquejada parks, sports gymnasiums, soccer fields, sports courts, bars, restaurants, snack bars, steakhouses, pizzerias, ice cream parlors, motels, video stores and urban squares.

Other attractions, located in rural areas, are dams, dams, farms and archaeological sites, with geological formations, sculpted over millions of years. The semi-arid climate, the impenetrability of the caatinga and the low demographic density contribute to the preservation of these natural assets. The cuisine of Currais Novos has combinations, such as sun-roasted meat, with manioc, manioc flour, green beans and butter from the earth. A very strong appeal from the interior is the use of tropical fruits in the manufacture of sweets, jellies, liqueurs and pies

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Canyon dos Apertados- Photo: Alcides GalinaCanyon dos Apertados- Photo: Alcides Galina
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