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Shadow and fresh water - Photo: Hiago Assunção
Shadow and fresh water - Photo: Hiago Assunção
In the schedule of tourists arriving at the site is a ride on a schooner boat. It takes about 40 minutes to get to know the natural beauty of this piece of Sergipe. Along the water path, the extensive mangroves preserved on the two banks of the Piauí River are noteworthy. When the tide is low it is possible to walk in the mangroves and see the home of many crustaceans up close. Amid the intertwined roots lives aratu, a pet that is very successful in restaurants in the region. But life in Terra Caída has changed a little bit. But it has changed to improve access for tourists as well. The old ferry that connected the two banks is no longer sailing, and a large, modern concrete bridge was built in its place. Indiaroba is located between the rivers Sergipe to the north and Real to the south, which today forms the municipality. It was formerly, for almost a century, a territory subject to regional disputes, between ...FIND OUT MORE
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Crasto is a village in Santa Luzia do Itanhy, nestled on the banks of the Piauitinga rivers and Vaza-Barris, a ruined church on top of a hill, a warehouse dating from the early XNUMXth century surrounded by a village ... FIND OUT MORE
Considered as the capital with the lowest inequality index in the Northeast of Brazil, in addition to being the city with the healthiest lifestyle habits in Brazil, the city of Aracaju keeps its festive calendar in its ... FIND OUT MORE
Folklore is passed down through the generations and keeps typical dances like Reisado, Chegança, Caceteira, Langa, São Gonçalo, Barcamateiros and Samba de Coco alive. The best time to visit São Cristóvão is by ... FIND OUT MORE
One of the most sought after places on the south coast of Sergipe, the municipality of Estancia brings together three paradisiacal scenarios. In the city, the tourist finds the beautiful Praia do Saco, a lagoon with fresh water and dunes, besides being able to observe ... FIND OUT MORE
It is a good option for a pleasant day at the beach. The extensive beach of Pirambu has dunes, stretches of desert and spawning areas for sea turtles monitored by a base of the Tamar Project installed in the vicinity .... FIND OUT MORE
In its relief are pediplanos and hills, covered by vegetation of Capoeira and Caatinga. The region is inserted in the hydrographic basin of the São Francisco River and there is the Xingó hydroelectric power plant ... FIND OUT MORE
Currently, Capela is famous for its Feast of Saint Peter, where hundreds of revelers search the woods near the city and raise a 'mast' in one of the squares, a tree chosen to be carried on its upper branches ... FIND OUT MORE
The Pantanal of Pacatuba, is less than two hours from Aracaju. It has one of the most interesting views of the entire Brazilian coast. It is the largest aquifer in the Northeast, where drinking water is abundant. It is 40 kilometers ... FIND OUT MORE
A place of luxury and refinement during the Empire, the entire sugar aristocracy of the province lived there. The first school in Sergipe was also founded in this city, Colégio Nossa Senhora Sant'Anna. This municipality just ... FIND OUT MORE
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