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Aracaju Bridge Barra dos Coqueiros- Photo: Mega Engenharia
Aracaju Bridge Barra dos Coqueiros- Photo: Mega Engenharia

Geographically, it is known to constitute the Santa Luzia peninsula. After connecting the capital of Sergipe through the bridge Aracaju - Barra dos Coqueiros, there was a process of conurbation. This fact started to attract great real estate speculation given not only because of the easy access but also with the advent of great infrastructure and large private investments.

In the city of Barra dos Coqueiros, surrounded by a coastline of warm waters and great beauty, its vocation for leisure tourism is notorious. Located 800 meters from the capital, the island of Santa Luzia, as the city was known in the past, has a population of around 24 thousand inhabitants. Small and cozy, the city retains the bucolism of ancient times, but opens space for the modernity already perceived at its entrance with the crossing of the Construtor João Alves bridge, which allows a beautiful view of the Rio do Sal - rio that separates the two cities. Its beautiful beaches are an invitation to contemplation and rest.

Praia da Costa, Atalaia Nova and Jatobá cannot be missed. In them, it is possible to enjoy delicacies in rustic bars such as the moqueca de robalo, the fried fish or the carne de sol with pirão de leite. Or even taste snacks such as pilombeta and crab cakes and aratu pastries.

In addition, it is located 3 km from the center of Aracaju. Thus, the projections for the coming years are given by the exponential increase in its population, just as the duplication of its inhabitants was comparatively ascertained with the publication of the new census by the IBGE in 2010.

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