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Ponte da União (connects Cruzeiro do Sul to the second district and the capital - Photo: Acre News Agency Gleilson Miranda (License-cc-by-2.0)
Ponte da União (connects Cruzeiro do Sul to the second district and the capital - Photo: Acre News Agency Gleilson Miranda (License-cc-by-2.0)
Southern Cross
Known as the 'Terra dos Náuas', the name of the tribe of Indians that inhabit the region. It has its charms, such as: magical streams, beaches of clear and fine sand, fishing by the rivers and the wild vegetation of the forest. In addition, Cruzeiro do Sul is surrounded by buildings and monuments that symbolize and guard the history and grandeur of its people. The poetic name pays homage to the constellation that dominates the sky in Brazil. But the city is embedded in another symbol registered in the colors of the flag: in the Amazon rainforest, on the banks of the Juruá River, in the extreme West of Brazil. Nearby, the most recent national park was created: Serra do Divisor. Surrounded by buildings and monuments that symbolize its people and culture, be sure to visit the 'Caio Valadares Civil Forum', built in neoclassical style ....FIND OUT MORE
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As a tourist spot we highlight the 'Parque Ecologico Municipal' opened in the 90's, with various species of our fauna and flora, the Ecological Reserve, has one of the largest green areas within the municipality .... FIND OUT MORE
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