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Rua das Palmeiras - Photo: Gleilson Miranda (License-cc-by-2.0)
Rua das Palmeiras - Photo: Gleilson Miranda (License-cc-by-2.0)

Located 237 km south of Rio Branco, on the border with Bolivia, it has limits with the municipalities of Epitaciolândia, Assis Brasil, Sena Madureira and Xapuri. Despite being established as a free trade area, it has not yet been regulated. Currently, there is a strong commercial dependence on the neighboring Bolivian municipality of Cobija, contrary to what happened in past decades, when the fact was the other way around.

Currently the city of Brasiléia has a hotel and restaurant infrastructure capable of catering to the flow of tourists who shop in the Cobija free zone, especially on weekends.

There are many attractions in Brasiléia. It is worth visiting the Igarapé Bahia, the tourist spot that has a lot of history as the fighting of rubber tappers and Bolivians. The army of Brazilian rubber tappers waged one of the biggest and bloodiest battles against Bolivian troops, which were led by the Soares brothers in the dispute over the Acre lands.

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