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 Visit Laranjal do Jari
Green area of ​​the city - Photo: Leroc-secom (icença-cc-by-3.0)
Green area of ​​the city - Photo: Leroc-secom (icença-cc-by-3.0)

Its origins date back to the period of colonization of the Jari River, still receiving more recent influences from the implantation of the Jari Florestal Project, in 1967 idealized by Ludwig, who intended to replace the native forest with a homogeneous plantation of a plant called Gmelina arborea for the manufacture of cellulose. , the raw material for paper, also intended to become the world's largest producer of beef, pork and rice.

Plan to visit Laranjal do Jarí between April 06th to 07th, because that's when the 'Brazil nut festival' takes place, an important event recently created, but which already represents one of the events of great significance and importance for the community after all, it has managed to raise attention to the problem of the extraction of Brazil nuts

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