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Oiapoque - Marco do Oiapoque - Photo: Paulo Oliveira
Oiapoque - Marco do Oiapoque - Photo: Paulo Oliveira

The city of Oiapoque originated from the home of a mestizo, named Emile Martinic, the first non-Indian inhabitant of the municipality. It is known that the locality came to be known as; Martinique. In 1907, the Federal Government created the First Military Detachment of the municipality, which served as a prison for political prisoners, later transferred to Santo Antônio, current district of Clevelândia do Norte, with the name of Military Colony.

In order to consolidate national sovereignty over neighboring areas, in the face of the contested Franco-Brazilian, a monument to the homeland was then erected, indicative of the initial landmark of Brazilian territory. Do not miss the Cape Orange National Park, with an area of ​​more than 600.000 hectares, in the region of Oiapoque Bay. The park has its creation date in 1980, extending along the coast, running through the municipalities of Oiapoque and Calçoene.

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