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 Visit Serra do Navio
Lagoa Azul - Photo: Agencia Estado
Lagoa Azul - Photo: Agencia Estado

Created in 1992 to house workers in the Industry and Commerce of Minerals (ICOMI), Serra do Navio was built to be self-sustainable. With the intense exploitation of manganese, the reserve was depleted and the factory was closed. Nowadays, the city is rebuilding itself with the help of the Public Power and has natural beauty hidden by the Atlantic Forest.

Take a train trip from Macapá to Serra do Navio. The trip can take around six hours and passes through the municipalities of Santana, Porto Grande, Pedra Branca do Amapari. From the train, it is possible to appreciate the beautiful landscapes, in addition to following the movement of some companies that are still active in the extraction of minerals in the region.

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Lagoa Azul - Photo: Agencia EstadoLagoa Azul - Photo: Agencia Estado
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