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Alter do Chão - Photo: Tiago Silveira
Alter do Chão - Photo: Tiago Silveira
Santarém has a strong natural vocation for ecotourism, such as community-based, historical and cultural tourism, gastronomic tourism, as well as religious and adventure tourism. The city has wealth in its historical heritage, such as, for example, secular buildings, Tapajonic ceramics, archaeological pieces of Tapajonic culture of the Tapai people. In its varied forms of natural beauty, there are more than 100 kilometers of freshwater beaches that most resemble the sea, waterfalls, archeological sites, fauna, forests, lakes, streams, trails, islands, the spectacular meeting of the Amazon and Tapajós in front of the city, conservation unit and etc ...FIND OUT MORE
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The city is full of beautiful freshwater beaches, although it looks like saltwater beaches. Salvaterra, has good tourist infrastructure, such as inns, restaurants and bars. Praia grande is the most popular place, with ... FIND OUT MORE
One of its most important attractions is in 'Vila do Pesqueiro', where phytotherapy is another source of income. There, there is an Association of Women in Fishing (Asmupesq), where the natives sell ... FIND OUT MORE
One of the most important attractions of the city is 'Casa Um', a residence that takes several people who worked on the Rubber Project to the past. Casa Um is a dream house. Wide, with a privileged view ... FIND OUT MORE
The city is also called 'City of the Folkloric Festival' and 'Princesinha do Xingu', since the Xingu River is on the edge of the city. Due to its hydrography, Altamira has several tributaries, as well as ... FIND OUT MORE
Considered as one of the most visited cities in the Amazon, Belém, has a lot of wealth in its culture and leisure, both in cultural and religious events of great repercussion, as well as in tourist spots, in addition to a lot ... FIND OUT MORE
In addition to the beaches, it is very common for residents to live in natural resorts with crystal clear and refreshing waters, which should be part of the itinerary for visitors who wish to be in contact with a simpler environment ... FIND OUT MORE
The high season in Salinópolis, affectionately nicknamed Salinas, occurs in the summer. But the summer in Pará happens between the months of June and October, when the rains become less. The sun king practically appears ... FIND OUT MORE
One of the main sources of income in the city is tourism. The municipality has several tourist attractions, with emphasis on its large rivers, which besides the beautiful beaches, also offer sport fishing and sports ... FIND OUT MORE
One of the most important tourist attractions is religious tourism, where the 'Festa do Rosário', in Vila de Joaba, held in October, which brings together manifestations of local culture and celebrations of a special nature ... FIND OUT MORE
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