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Alternative Space - Photo: Henrique Fotografo (Mtur)

The capital of Rhodes is the synthesis of the cultural diversity of the State by demonstrating its pluralism through its calendar of parties, using the strength of northeastern culture in the capital, where the 'Arraial Flor do Maracujá' stands out, which has been going on for over 30 years. in the city, during the June festivities. It also hosts the 'Expovel', the Porto Velho Agricultural Exhibition and the 'Costela Assada Festival', held by the 'Lojas Masonic of Rondônia', annually and attracts a large mass of the region, as well as tourists from all over the world. Brazil.

Rich in culture, the play 'Bizarrus' stands out in the theater, which is staged by prisoners and ex-prisoners of the state, whose plot of the play is built from their own personal experiences, being a national reference in social rehabilitation. There is also the annual staging of 'O Homem de Nazaré', during the Corpus Christi holiday, in 'Jerusalem of the Amazon', considered as the largest open-air theater in the northern region of Brazil.

As the main tourist attractions of Porto Velho and found in its historical heritage, the 'Estrada de Ferro Madeira-Mamoré' stand out, which was once the scene of the Mad Maria television series, produced by Rede Globo, as well as '' Cathedral of the Sacred Heart of Jesus' and the 'Locomotive Coronel Church' the first machine to come to the Amazon, in the year 1872.

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Main Hospital Centers of Porto Velho: Hospital 9 de Julho, Central Hospital, Central Hospital Porto Velho, Hospital Madre Mazzarello, Hospital Prontocor, Main Hospital Centers of Porto Velho
Main Baptist Churches of Porto Velho: National Baptist Church Bethesda, National Baptist Church Gethsemane, National Baptist Church Renovation / JK, National Missionary Baptist Church / Embratel, National Baptist Church Sheikinah / Conceição
International Nativity Scene Museum was founded in 1998 by the Italian priest Innocenzo Mangano, this interesting museum brings together a collection with almost three thousand pieces of nativity scenes assembled in different countries.
Portraits that dance at parties and impregnate maidens. Iaras that seduce men and take them to their enchanted kingdoms. Snakes, Curupiras, Caaporas, Matintapereira, flying heads of
Main Consulates in Porto Velho: Honorary Consulate of Peru in Porto Velho, Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Chile - Porto Velho - RO, Main Consulates in Porto Velho
Main Evangelical Churches in Porto Velho: Evangelical Community of Lutheran Confession, Evangelical Baptist Church, Evangelical Baptist Church of Hope, Evangelical Church Pentecostal a Esperanca and Jesus Christ
Another important tourist spot located near Porto Velho is the Real Forte Príncipe da Beira, built on the banks of the Guaporé River, close to the border with Bolivia. This is the most important and
Main Catholic Churches of Porto Velho: Nossa Senhora Auxiliadora Community - Abunã, Nossa Senhora do Amparo, Nossa Senhora do Fátima, Nossa Senhora do Perpetuo Socorro Parish, Santa Luzia, Sacred Heart of Jesus - Cathedral
There are 253 stores in a BA cluster. Currently 192 operations are leased, of which 5 anchors, 13 megastores + 792m² amusement park (including electronic games and leisure for children) + Cinema and University
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