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Aerial view civic center of Boa Vista - Photo: Salles Neto br (License-gfdl)
Aerial view civic center of Boa Vista - Photo: Salles Neto br (License-gfdl)
Boa Vista
As a modern city, Boa Vista stands out for its radially well-organized urban layout, planned between 1944 and 1946, which resembles a fan, alluding to the streets of Paris, France. Its construction took place under the government of Captain Ene Garcez, then, the first governor of the Federal Territory of Rio Branco. The main avenues of the city center converge to the 'Praça do Centro Cívico Joaquim Nabuco', where the headquarters of the state executive, legislative and judicial branches are located, in addition to cultural points such as theaters, palaces, hotels, banks, post offices and the diocesan cathedral . Although tourism is still more frequent in the countryside with ecotourism, in the capital Boa Vista it begins to appear, having won hundreds of tourist signs, following international standards. As a highlight, there is the 'Velia Coutinho Center for Handicrafts, Tourism and Income Generation', where Roraima handicrafts are sold, mainly indigenous ....FIND OUT MORE
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The Ilha de Maracá Biological Reserve is located in Uraricoera, in the state of Roraima, Brazil. It is 135 km from Boa Vista, in the municipality of Amajari. The island of Maracá is located on the border between the Amazon rainforest and the savannas ... FIND OUT MORE
The only not less important attraction of Caracarai, the Ilha de Jar Ecotourism Complex is considered by visitors as one of the most complete infrastructures in the areas of ecotourism in Roraima. It features chalets, a ... FIND OUT MORE
Mount Roraima is undeniably one of the natural wonders of the Earth and the second highest point in Brazil, with more than 2700m of altitude. There are several historical features and cultures in the Monte region ... FIND OUT MORE
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Mount Roraima is a mountain located in South America, on the triple border between Brazil, Venezuela and Guyana. It constitutes a tepui, a type of hill in a table format quite characteristic of the Guiana plateau ... FIND OUT MORE
Prominently, in front of other important attractions of the city, the Jatapu Dam, responsible for supplying energy to the whole of the South of the State, is highly sought after, especially for fans of ... FIND OUT MORE
The most important natural tourist attractions are its rapids, such as; Rapids of Kerosene, Funnel, Arrombo, dos Indios, Tin, Screw, Nail, Sete Ilhas, Commission and Paraíba .... FIND OUT MORE
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