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Casa do Artesão Capim Dourado - Photo: Flavio Andre
Casa do Artesão Capim Dourado - Photo: Flavio Andre
It is in Mateiros that most of the Jalapão ecotourism region is located, and the Jalapão State Park is fully located in the municipality. Mateiros is also located in the village Mumbuca, where handicrafts made with golden grass are produced. The nearest paved road is located at Vila Coaceral, in Formosa do Rio Preto, Bahia. On the Tocantins side, the nearest paved highway is located in Ponte Alta do Tocantins (TO-255). ...FIND OUT MORE
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One of the highlights among the city's attractions is the Vale Encantado. The valley has limestone formations such as stalactites and stalagmites, waterfalls that run backwards (Cachoeira da Ré) among other beautiful surprises ... FIND OUT MORE
Cachoeira Sussuapara is one of the great natural tourist attractions of Ponte Alta do Tocantins and is just under 14 km from the city. There is a trail on the right, a short trail of about 10 meters, which leads to the canyon, where the water ... FIND OUT MORE
As one of the main tourist attractions in Palmas, 'Praia Graciosa' stands out, which attracts a large number of visitors every year. Located 10 kilometers from the center of Palmas, it has the infrastructure ... FIND OUT MORE
Much of Araguacema's history is the ruins of the old refrigerator, at the time planted to supply the Brazilian armed forces, at the end of the Second World War, around 2. The refrigerator was a ... FIND OUT MORE
One of the most important tourist attractions in the city, are the Ruins of the Church of Nossa Senhora do Rosário dos Pretos. It is an XNUMXth century Church, built by slaves, but it was never completed. Your ... FIND OUT MORE
In the high season of the region, which runs from June to September, the city has countless varieties in leisure options. The moment is for sport fishing, boat trips, water sports and many dives .... FIND OUT MORE
Paraíso do Tocantins has numerous Tourism options, being stronger in Business and Events Tourism. One of the most traditional festivities in the state, is the Happy Day Pro Nascer Feliz Party, which appeared in Paraíso in the decade ... FIND OUT MORE
Araguatins handicrafts stand out in the region, being made from straw, leather and wood, from which pieces such as jacas, baskets, mats are derived. In addition, there is the production of hammocks, blankets as well as ... FIND OUT MORE
Tocantinópolis is a Brazilian municipality in the state of Tocantins, located on the banks of the river that names the state ...... FIND OUT MORE
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