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Central Square - Photo: Eduardo Revoredo (Panoramio)
Central Square - Photo: Eduardo Revoredo (Panoramio)

From the XNUMXth century onwards, the southeastern region of the current state of Tocantins was colonized by pioneers, adventurers and religious missionaries, who founded several cities there, which currently hold an important historical heritage. The catechesis of Indians and the use of slave labor characterized colonization.

The beautiful Cachoeira do Registro is one of the main and most important tourist spots in Taguatinga, where, in addition to the beauty of its waterfall, you can also watch shows of the Swallows flying over the forest, and get to know one of the addresses of the beautiful blue macaws. The setting is perfect. Finally, the mountains, the waterfall, the swallows and the river path form a unique set of immense beauty.

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