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Convent and Church of Nossa Senhora da Penha - Photo: Raphael Gustavo Marques da Costa (License-cc-by-sa-4.0)

Surrounded by the 'Bay of Vitória', the capital of Espírito Santo has 34 islands in its surroundings that reach a total of more than 93 thousand square meters, and the previous formation had 50 islands, however, over time part of them were added to a landfill on the main island, Vitória.

Due to the size of the island, the beaches of the capital of Espírito Santo are not so extensive, however, the one that comes closest and is 6km long is the 'Praia de Camburi', which in addition to being more frequented by tourists, is fully urbanized and has a beautiful boardwalk, suitable for good walks and exciting sunset contemplation. There are also other beaches such as 'Curva da Jurema', which has numerous kiosks, as well as 'Praia do Ilha do Boi' and 'Praia da Castanheira'.

The historical and cultural heritage of Vitória is very rich as well. With an architecture that was inspired by the Scala Theater, in Milan-Italy and, designed by the Italian architect André Carloni, the 'Theatro Carlos Gomes' built in 1927 has the Italian neo-Renaissance style and, with its dome, has the artist's signature capixaba plastic Homero Massena. There are also some museums in the city in historic buildings such as 'Museu Solar Monjardim', 'Museu de Arte do Espírito Santo' and 'Museu de Igreja José de Anchieta'.

The nightlife of the capital, has as its favorite point for the capixabas and mainly the tourists, the 'Praia do Canto' which is composed of more than 40 bars, in addition to some nightclubs, as well as, diverse cultural attractions. Also very frequented by lovers of notorious outings, is the 'Rua da Lama', located in 'Jardim da Penha', which attracts a very loyal university audience and has many bars, including live music.


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The art, culture and memory of Espírito Santo are available to everyone in museums located in different regions of the city. Among them are the Fisherman's Museum, which focuses mainly on the relationship of
The Convent of São Francisco was built by the Franciscan priests in the 1th century, at the request of the 1st Donatory of the Captaincy of Espírito Santo, Vasco Fernandes Coutinho. It was the XNUMXst Franciscan Convent
As time goes by, the penedo hill fortress is deactivated and the Vigia hill fortress is renamed Forte São João, being considered a fortress of great importance.
Main Consulates in Vitória: Honorary Consulate of Germany Honorary Consul: Helmut Meyerfreund Rua Abiail do Amaral Carneiro, 41/802 - Palácio da Enseada do Suá Building 29055-220 - Vitória - ES
Main Hospital Centers of Vitória: Hospital of the Association of Public Employees of the State of Espírito Santo Address: Rua Pedro Palácios, 155, Cidade Alta, Vitória - ES
Camburi Beach is the most present in the life of the city. There are always people running or playing sports on the boardwalk. In the summer, the city hall organizes concerts and sporting events, leaving the place
The theaters in Vitória provide visitors with a coexistence between history and contemporary art. The construction that houses the Theatro Carlos Gomes, for example, is a separate show
With the current advent of technology, Shopping Norte Sul is a pioneer in offering free Wi-Fi service to its customers, as well as a space for them to use their machines, such as notebooks
Tourist Information Offices: Information Office (Camburi Beach): (27) 3135-8009 Bus Station: (27) 3203-3666 State Secretariat of Tourism: (27) 3636-8026
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