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Lagoa do Sirí - Photo: Emmanuel Tavares (License-cc-by-sa-3.0)
Lagoa do Sirí - Photo: Emmanuel Tavares (License-cc-by-sa-3.0)
Three beaches in the municipality of Marataízes, south coast of Espírito Santo, are classified by tourists as some of the most peaceful to spend the summer. These are the beaches of Pitas, Rosa, Cações and Boa Vista. Easily accessible, they are options for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city center during the season. Praia das Pitas is surrounded by an area of ​​preserved native vegetation. According to bathers, the beach has a calm sea, ideal for taking children to play. With good infrastructure, kiosks offer snacks, drinks, tables and parasols ....FIND OUT MORE
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Domingos Martins is framed by the postcard of the region, Pedra Azul. The name of the rock formation almost two thousand meters high is due to the color, which varies throughout the day according to the incidence of sunlight ... FIND OUT MORE
Beautiful and peaceful city in the state of Espírito Santo, it is suitable for those looking for rest in a beautiful place. With great beaches and historic sites, the Castelhanos and Maimbá beaches stand out, with ... FIND OUT MORE
Santa Teresa is also called 'Beija-flor do Espírito Santo', thanks to the abundance of these birds in the region and, mainly, for being the land where the scientist Augusto Ruschi was born and lived ?? pioneer in research with hummingbirds ... FIND OUT MORE
One of the favorite summer destinations of Espírito Santo and Minas Gerais, Guarapari is among the cities on the coast of Espírito Santo that best combines leisure with infrastructure. The shore, with many urbanized beaches and outlets ... FIND OUT MORE
Waterfalls like Engenheiro Reeve's, located in Matilde, is one of the city's postcards, besides of course, the free flight ramp, in Cachoeira Alta, considered by pilots, many of these internationals, a ... FIND OUT MORE
Its landscape is considered one of the most beautiful and preserved in the state. Tourism in Aracruz, offers several historical, natural and cultural attractions. Traditions and cuisine add a special touch to the tour, making it ... FIND OUT MORE
The six beautiful beaches of Vila Velha attract the residents of neighboring Vitória, who arrive at the destination through the bridges that connect the two cities. The hustle and bustle, day and night, takes place on the Costa beach, framed by a boardwalk, bike path ... FIND OUT MORE
Dores do Rio Preto is the only Capixaba Municipality that has official access to the Park. A biological reserve of extreme beauty and importance that brings together a valuable ecosystem of fauna and flora, with numerous waterfalls ... FIND OUT MORE
Surrounded by the 'Bay of Vitória', the capital of Espírito Santo has 34 islands in its surroundings that reach a total of more than 93 thousand square meters, and the previous formation had 50 islands, however, with passing. . FIND OUT MORE
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